Cherilyn and Tessa are our resident wine tasting connoisseurs... They can usuallly be found in the smokers section of the bar and would be glad to recommend the wine of the day. They did not get their expertise from the internet, they acquired it through very hard work... every day after work and at every function possible... we are so proud of them!
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A proud tradition filled club with something for everyone: 

Cricket, Hockey, Radio Controlled Cars, Road Running, Rugby, Snooker, Squash, and Triathlon.


Sunday Lunch: Bookings are essential - please contact Chef Ryan on 084 929 6109

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Buffalo Park Drive
P O Box 40
East London
South Africa
Tel:  +27 43 743 0814
Fax:  +27 43 743 4736
Email: office@buffs



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